fresh baked bread

Basket of Baked Delights

Our breads are the perfect accompaniment to a meal or a solo satisfaction full of flavors that get you going and basked taste that soothes your hunger.

Breads and Muffins

sweet cinnamon bread
Cinnamon Bread

Add sweet to moist and you get the delightful taste of cinnamon bread.

fresh soft pretzels

Have a twist of soft dough sprinkled with salt for pretzel perfection.

variety of breads
Basic Breads and Beyond

Variety makes our breads abound with flavors both familiar and new.

moist muffin
Morning, Muffin
Wake up to the smell and taste of a moist muffin.
good old fashioned rye bread
Rye Bread

The rich taste of rye baked in for eating enjoyment.

poppy and seed rolls

Roll over your bread craving with fresh-baked rolls.