Pastry Pleasure

Our pastries create a sensory overload! They sound wonderful, look fantastic, smell delightful, and feel terrific going down. Best of all they taste great!.

Fancy Pastries

Nuts Over Pastries

Between the crust and the cherry on top is a pure delight.

Chocolate High

Lift your spirits with a surge of chocolate icing with white iced decoration.

Berry Necessary

Smooth out a rough day with a strawberry cream delight.

Sweet in Layers

Rich taste from top to bottom.

Just Peachy Pastries

Make a fruitless day better with a peach pleasure.

Go Nuts

A delicious pastry with nutty, cherry, and creamy accents.

Lovely in Lemon

Love at first bite in a lemon filled crust.



Fancy Food Work

Shells, puffs, tarts, and cups with all kinds of flavorful fillings.

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Sweet Spot

This is the spot to get chocolaty, peanut buttery, fruity, nutty, tasty treats.

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Baked Fresh Daily

Cream Puffs - A cream puff pastry filled with custard, dusted with powdered sugar


Eclairs - A cream puff pastry filled with custard and topped with chocolate.


Canolis- A fried pastry dough shell, ricotta cheese and chocolate filled, dusted with powdered sugar.


Petit Fours - Moist yellow or chocolate cake layered with butter cream, poured with fondant and decorated.


Chocolate Cups - Raspberry filled cups topped with either white chocolate mousse, cream cheese filling, or butter cream, garnished with white chocolate. We also have cups filled with chocolate pudding, topped with chocolate mousse or chocolate ganache and garnished with chocolate filigrees.


Sweet Tart Shells - Lemon filled topped with butter cream and garnished with ground nuts. We also have a Raspberry Almond Shell which is a drop of raspberry covered with custard, topped with butter cream and sliced toasted almonds. Lastly we have a lemon or coconut cream shell topped with meringue and baked to a golden brown.


Pasticciotti - An Italian cream puff consisting of a sweet tart dough filled with a lemon custard, dusted with powdered sugar.


French Almond Tart - raspberry or lemon frangipan tarts, a drop of raspberry, cherry, or lemon covered with frangipan (almond pastry filling), topped with almonds and baked to a golden brown. Some may be topped with a maraschino cherry.


Fresh Fruit Tart - A sweet tart with a vanilla custard topped with a piece of fresh fruit. Strawberries, kiwis, mandarin oranges, cherry or raspberry almond, lemon curd, southern walnut or pecan, tri-berry (raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry), or when in season, fresh strawberries or a mixture of seasonal fruit. These are then glazed with an apricot glaze to hold in the freshness. Some may even be topped with a maraschino cherry.


Roulands - Moist sponge cake filled with lemon or amaretto curd and mousse, rolled like a jelly roll, iced with flavored buttercreams and cut into slices and garnished.


Charlottes - A French type of pastry made in a 3" round form with layers of cake and assorted fillings then garnished appropriately. They come in a variety of flavors such as lemon, raspberry cheesecake, tiramisu, triple chocolate mousse, mocha, and then our in season specials such as mango, mint, and pumpkin.