lincoln bakery established 1945

As the sign says, since 1945. That's a lot of Heavenly Cakes and Pastries! Very few people have passed our store on Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue without stopping, opening the door, and taking a deep whif of all that tasty goodness that goes into every Lincoln Bakery bite. (...which can cause a bit of a traffic jam when a Port Authority bus goes by.) Generations have grown up with our confectionary influence, and for some reason they keep coming back. We must be doing something right!

huge selection

Look around you. All those colors, flavors...sweetness. Life's too short to pass all this goodness up. So, the obvious answer is, don't pass it up. Stop in to Lincoln Bakery in Bellevue, take your hat off. Smell awhile. You'll put on a smile that just won't quit. Folks back at the office will wonder what you did over your lunch break. Your family will worry that something's come over you. Your spouse will be suspicious that you're up to something. Then, just at the right moment, pull out that box of goodies that will make convectionary converts of all of them, too!

so many cakes and cookies

Crawlers, thumb prints, bear claws and lady locks. They all sound rather sinister, don't they? Well, I guess in one respect, they are. They're all guilty of tempting our taste buds to the point of total and undeniable sweet surrender. Which ones call out to you?